We are designers

of systems, processes and human interfaces

Workforce Automation

It’s virtually impossible for the organizations to get ahead when they are burdened with high volumes of administrative tasks.  Offshoring or delegating repetitive tasks may have helped before; However,  these days it’s not an option for many organizations that are looking to retain their workforce and comply with increasing privacy and security regulations such as GDPR.  For organizations to maintain their level of service tomorrow, they must act today to Automate.

By working with designers at QC, I can create intelligent bots that help my company save hundreds of hours


Smart Application Design

Smart applications are developed using “client” frameworks to allow for agile development across multiple user interfaces ensuring the integrity of common security, data and application logic. These frameworks and development patterns are designed to provide the highest level of security and privacy protection. In addition, they allow for greater flexibility and interoperability for hosting the supporting technology components in the cloud, on-premises, and hybrid hosting configurations.

QC Technology Decisions Inc.  provides design and development services for creating unique SMART applications for voice, web and mobile devices.

By working with designers at QC, I can build a mobile application knowing that my customers will actually love using it


Business Intelligence System Design

QC Technology Decisions Inc. has contributed to the evolution of data warehousing through the design and development of enterprise data warehouse solutions for education, finance, and health and human services.    

Our team has practical experience integrating data from a wide variety of information systems, web services, and data files using leading integration platforms such as Informatica and SQL Server Integration Services.   Comfortable with all business intelligence technologies, we have implemented solutions using leading business intelligence platforms like Oracle , IBM Cognos, Tableau and Microsoft SharePoint. 

By working with designers at QC, I can finally make sense of all my ERP data!